What is fortify and how do I successfully establish this in my home.

 A couple of months ago the Holy Spirit said FORTIFY.  I was like what do you mean LORD. Fortify what?  HE spoke again saying Fortify.  So, I sat still and began to listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me.  He said Fortify everything.

So, I began with defining fortify so that I had a clear and complete understanding of what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

 Fortify according to the dictionary defined it as a verb - to strengthen a place with defensive mechanisms to protect it from attacks.  Another definition defining Fortify was to invigorate a person mentally or physically or a building or a place by restoration, reviving, refreshing, or rejuvenating it.  This reminded me of Nehemiah and the defenses of Jerusalem.

  How to fortify your home:

You must first identify all breaches in your home.  Once you have identified where you have holes, cracks, and gaps in your walls you make preparation to repair them.   Now you must assess what supplies you will need (The WORD) to repair them. Determine whether you need some patch work (Confessions) or do I need to repair a section, by strengthening the entire wall and you rebuild by using (Fasting and Praying) by the word of the Lord.

 How to fortify your family’s health:

You must identify the areas in your family's lives where the enemy has taken ground.  Once you know where the enemy has taken ground in your Children and your Spouse you prepare yourself with the word of God to go and repair those areas.  Where health is a concern you combat sickness and disease with health, healing and wholeness scriptures for example by his stripes I am healed.  The Lord sent his word and healed them from all disease and destruction, or healing is the children's bread that is our portion.  These are some of the scriptures you can use to go after those areas with the word of God. It is important that we arm ourselves with the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God.

 How to fortify your finances:

Fortifying your finances is a must too, attacks on your finances must be strengthened with the word of God. Using scriptures like there is no lack in the Kingdom of God.   Isaac sowed in a famine and reaped a hundredfold, my God shall supply All my needs in riches in His Glory, my God is sufficient, He gives me daily bread, are just a few of the promises you must learn and apply to your life.  God has a glorious inheritance for his children to lay hold of Hallelujah.  We must utilize them daily.

 How to fortify your (Atmosphere):

If there is strife and contention in the family you begin to wage war and fortify your home with Peace, the peace of God that surpasses understanding, Great is Jesus’s Peace therefore Great is my Peace and my composure is undisturbed.  Peace is a gift given to us from Jesus.  Jesus says my peace I give you, how amazing is that.  I have Jesus’s Peace working in me.   To God be the Glory I don’t have to rely on my own but what Jesus gives. 

 How to fortify your children!

If you have school-age children, they too must be fortified and strengthened with the word of God on how to be a Christian servant leader; how to be a Christian influencer and live a life that's up right in the eyes of the Lord.  Learning to combat social norms like bullying, disrespect, speaking negative words over themselves and or others will have to be taught and practiced.

 For our children to remain the Christian influences that we are raising them to be; we as parents need to continuously plant the word of God in them as well as plant the heavens on their behalf.   When I say plant the Heavens I mean speak, declare, decree their DESTINY in prayer.  Our children will enhance their culture, they will shift atmospheres with the peace of God that rest on them.  When our children come into a room in the name of Jesus, Favor, Grace, Peace, Mercy, Authority, and Power follows.  

 My Prayer:

Anything lost in battle, anything stolen, anything misplaced, and mishandled by myself and or my family Lord I repent right now in Jesus name.  I ask for forgiveness in all areas Lord and I thank you for the strategy of Fortify.

 Lord God I thank you that you will not forsake me and you will not leave me.  Even though it seems I have lost so much, been under so much oppression you are my Lord My God and you will defend me and my family.  I thank you for the strategy to fortify my life, my family, my home, my children, my spouse, and my belongings.  Everything that belongs to me that you have given me stewardship over Lord strengthen me as I strengthen my walls so that it is all protected.  I thank you for the Nehemiah anointing to repair, restore, revive, rejuvenate, refresh and rebuild all to completion.   Father I give you Glory and Honor in Jesus name Amen.

Yours in Christ

 Dr. Carla Mormon