Dr. Carla Mormon

Dr. Carla Mormon is a respected Christian leader, an educator, business woman and an entrepreneur in the cosmetic and skin care industry.  Dr. Mormon has the gift of a prophetic and revelatory word that strengthens the body of Christ.  Instructing and imparting applicable tools to use in everyday life is her passion.

Drawing from her background in the marketplace, in education and Christian ministry, Dr. Mormon touches lives through wisdom and special insight that provides opportunities for transformation and freedom to people from every walk of life.  She is also sought-after for strategies, personal advice, motivational speaking and ministry teaching.

Accounts of remarkable miracles and healings with positive life changing evidence in the lives of parents and their children continually follow her ministry. Dr. Mormon’s life is an astonishing account of real-life stories some are funny and some are tense and serious but through it all she overcomes with the guidance of Holy Spirit.