What is fortify and how do I successfully establish this in my home.

 A couple of months ago the Holy Spirit said FORTIFY.  I was like what do you mean LORD. Fortify what?  HE spoke again saying Fortify.  So, I sat still and began to listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me.  He said Fortify everything.

So, I began with defining fortify so that I had a clear and complete understanding of what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

 Fortify according to the dictionary defined it as a verb - to strengthen a place with defensive mechanisms to protect it from attacks.  Another definition defining Fortify was to invigorate a person mentally or physically or a building or a place by restoration, reviving, refreshing, or rejuvenating it.  This reminded me of Nehemiah and the defenses of Jerusalem.

  How to fortify your home:

You must first identify all breaches in your home.  Once you have identified where you have holes, cracks, and gaps in your walls you make preparation to repair them.   Now you must assess what supplies you will need (The WORD) to repair them. Determine whether you need some patch work (Confessions) or do I need to repair a section, by strengthening the entire wall and you rebuild by using (Fasting and Praying) by the word of the Lord.

 How to fortify your family’s health:

You must identify the areas in your family's lives where the enemy has taken ground.  Once you know where the enemy has taken ground in your Children and your Spouse you prepare yourself with the word of God to go and repair those areas.  Where health is a concern you combat sickness and disease with health, healing and wholeness scriptures for example by his stripes I am healed.  The Lord sent his word and healed them from all disease and destruction, or healing is the children's bread that is our portion.  These are some of the scriptures you can use to go after those areas with the word of God. It is important that we arm ourselves with the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God.

 How to fortify your finances:

Fortifying your finances is a must too, attacks on your finances must be strengthened with the word of God. Using scriptures like there is no lack in the Kingdom of God.   Isaac sowed in a famine and reaped a hundredfold, my God shall supply All my needs in riches in His Glory, my God is sufficient, He gives me daily bread, are just a few of the promises you must learn and apply to your life.  God has a glorious inheritance for his children to lay hold of Hallelujah.  We must utilize them daily.

 How to fortify your (Atmosphere):

If there is strife and contention in the family you begin to wage war and fortify your home with Peace, the peace of God that surpasses understanding, Great is Jesus’s Peace therefore Great is my Peace and my composure is undisturbed.  Peace is a gift given to us from Jesus.  Jesus says my peace I give you, how amazing is that.  I have Jesus’s Peace working in me.   To God be the Glory I don’t have to rely on my own but what Jesus gives. 

 How to fortify your children!

If you have school-age children, they too must be fortified and strengthened with the word of God on how to be a Christian servant leader; how to be a Christian influencer and live a life that's up right in the eyes of the Lord.  Learning to combat social norms like bullying, disrespect, speaking negative words over themselves and or others will have to be taught and practiced.

 For our children to remain the Christian influences that we are raising them to be; we as parents need to continuously plant the word of God in them as well as plant the heavens on their behalf.   When I say plant the Heavens I mean speak, declare, decree their DESTINY in prayer.  Our children will enhance their culture, they will shift atmospheres with the peace of God that rest on them.  When our children come into a room in the name of Jesus, Favor, Grace, Peace, Mercy, Authority, and Power follows.  

 My Prayer:

Anything lost in battle, anything stolen, anything misplaced, and mishandled by myself and or my family Lord I repent right now in Jesus name.  I ask for forgiveness in all areas Lord and I thank you for the strategy of Fortify.

 Lord God I thank you that you will not forsake me and you will not leave me.  Even though it seems I have lost so much, been under so much oppression you are my Lord My God and you will defend me and my family.  I thank you for the strategy to fortify my life, my family, my home, my children, my spouse, and my belongings.  Everything that belongs to me that you have given me stewardship over Lord strengthen me as I strengthen my walls so that it is all protected.  I thank you for the Nehemiah anointing to repair, restore, revive, rejuvenate, refresh and rebuild all to completion.   Father I give you Glory and Honor in Jesus name Amen.

Yours in Christ

 Dr. Carla Mormon

Creators Create

Creators Create

May Prophetic Release

 God is a creator and He created us in His image and in His likeness.  We are His Handiwork and His Workmanship.  We are His creation therefore we are creators.  

We are in an accelerated season of CREATION CREATING.  We must get clear instructions about our purpose and destiny and begin Creating.  The atmosphere is ripe for our creations to manifest.  Your creative minds have been moving at exponential speeds lately and you hardly have time to write down what Holy Spirit is revealing to you. 

Do not delay any longer write the vision, write the invention, write the plan, write the idea down.  In the same manner as you write you are creating.  Creating the vision, Creating the invention, Creating the plan, Creating the idea and now you can read it and run with it.

NOW is the time to create and release what the Lord has given you.  We are Creators and therefore we create rise up sons of God and Create. 


Father I thank you for creating me in your image and in your likeness.  I rise up and take my rightful position in the kingdom and begin to create as you have purposed in me.  For I am your workmanship and I am created unto good works in Christ Jesus as you have ordained before the foundations of the world in Jesus name I pray. Amen

 Yours in Christ,

Dr. Carla Mormon




Peace and Undisturbed Composure

God has given us many promises in the bible.  This is one that has been highlighted for me over and over again especially last week and this week too.  In prayer this morning the verse in Isaiah 54:13 (KJV) I shall be taught by the Lord and my peace and undisturbed composure shall be great hit my spirit again.  How powerful is that verse!

I woke up one morning last week with that scripture in my spirit. At 1st I did not give it much thought. I declared and decreed the verse over my life but as my morning progressed I realized that the Lord was preparing me for my day and all that I would encounter.  The Lord wanted me to remain at peace no matter what life presented.  That simple prayer brought peace to every area of my life and for that I am grateful.

 So this morning on the prayer call for our children, this scripture came up again.  This time I purposely pressed into the word and meditated on it and my peace was great and my composure was undisturbed.  I shared with the parents on ARISE: Praying Parents the importance of this verse and how to apply it in their lives as well as their children lives.

In some of the biblical translations the verse states that your peace will be enjoyable and prosperous.  Other translations stated that your peace would be abundant, multiplied and unlimited.  WOW! Abundant…..Multiplied….and Unlimited peace.  That means that no matter what you face in life the Lord Jesus Christ has you covered.  We are to remain un-bothered and undisturbed by any distraction that the enemy throws our way.  For the Lord will give us peace and prosperity for our whole well-being. 

We need to trust that promise and we need to take it as our own.  Then we are to teach it to our children so that in situations that they encounter they have full knowledge that the Lord has them and they too can remain at peace and undisturbed.


Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for your many promises.  I especially thank you for Isaiah 54:13 I receive your great abundance of peace that is multiplied in my life. I access the unlimited supply of your peace and my composure is undisturbed and my way is prosperous in Jesus name Amen.


Yours in Christ,

Dr. Carla Mormon


Sound of the TRUMPET

Sound of the TRUMPET

The enemy has unleashed a barrage of demonic pressure in the atmosphere desiring to drive the people of God mad, desperate, or even death. BUT GOD. The LORD has place an even HEAVIER WEIGHT of HIS GLORY on the atmosphere and in the atmosphere.  This Godly pressure is creating the manifestations that we are witnessing.  All those that have hidden under the radar are being Exposed by the Light of the LORD (GLORY). 

The enemy can no longer remain hidden and covert spewing his hate, disgust, and death in the Earth Realm.  The Glory is revealing his hatred and disturbing plans and the Watchman on the Wall are Blowing their Trumpets.  We are warning the People of GOD of the enemy’s plan.   Take heed Children of God fortify yourselves with the Word of God and lay hold to your inheritance of the Authority and Power that Christ Jesus gave to you to possess. 

You are much more Powerful that You can Imagine.  The enemy is a defeated foe and you are VICTORIOUS. Children of God you were given the Mind of Christ Jesus; I pray that you are tapping into this inheritance.

When You have the Mind of Christ you will not be deceived and or led astray.  Having the Mind of Christ allows you to not succumb to the demonic chatter. This demonic chatter will have you contemplating suicide, walking in fear, or even feeling hopeless.  When You have the Mind of Christ, You are able to combat and recognize the devices of the enemy.  When YOU are walking in Your God given Authority and Power the enemy cannot compete. (NO Match) Greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world.

As a WATCHMAN I will continue to be on the WALL Blowing the Trumpet warning the people of GOD of the plans of the enemy and declaring the Deliverance of the LORD JESUS CHRISTWATCHMAN ARISE


Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for Your Word that fortifies us in our minds and our bodies.  Lord we stand on Your promises of Love, Power, and a Sound Mind. We take our Authority and Power through Christ Jesus and apply pressure to the circumstances that arise in our lives that are contrary to the Word of God.  Lord I thank you for delivering us out of the snares, traps, and lies of the enemy. Your Word is a Light and Lamp unto our feet and it guides us on the correct path in Jesus name AMEN.    


Yours in Christ

shofar HORN.jpg

Dr. Carla Mormon                                                                                                                                                                          


UNLOCKING The Promise Part 1


Ephesians 3:20 Amplified Bible (AMP)…. Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do Superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us,

The LORD is ready NOW to unlock this scripture in your LIFE.  God is able to carry out All of HIS promised purpose in your Life.  The LORD will take what you have asked for and put HIS Supernatural abundance on it.  This abundance will go beyond your thought process, it will go beyond your asking ability, it will go beyond your prayers, your desires, and your hopes and even beyond your dreams.  The LORD will do ALL of this according to HIS Power at work in you.  All you have to do is be.  Be with God. Be at one with God. Be a partner with God and what HE wants to accomplish in the Earth realm through you.  GOD’s promised purpose is your heart’s desire, dream, hope, and prayer.  HE gave you the desires of your heart.

Everything the LORD wants to do in the Earth through you at this season HE is ready to do NOW.  As this scripture began to open up to me more and more revelation began to pour out.  Everything that you have been called to do God is ready for you to do it.  Begin to move out on the desires of your heart NOW. For the Lord is a Right Now GOD. He knows your end from the beginning and HIS plan for you is prosperous and to be complete. 

All the bigness and greatness of this plan is GOD’s responsibility it is HIS power working in you that will make it happen.  It is your responsibility to begin, to move out, to start that desire or dream and let GOD’s Super abundance wrap around it.  It is GOD’s power working in you and me that will make it succeed and Bless all who come in contact with it.  Partner with GOD today and let HIM far exceed what you thought or planned.


Lord today I will partner with you to work in me and accomplish each desire, dream, hope, God thought and prayer in me.  I thank you that all I have to do is make the 1st move by stepping out in Faith.  I thank you in advance that you will meet me with your super abundance exceeding all that I thought and accomplishing Your purpose in me in the Earth realm. In Jesus Name AMEN.


I was reading my devotional this morning and it was based off John the Baptist’s doubt while in prison. If you are familiar with John then you know he was passionate about his assignment in the Earth realm.  So to see him go from that passion and zeal to doubt and unbelief was a bit revealing this morning. 

We as believers must be so rooted in Christ that even in persecution (prison) we have no doubt in the God we serve. 

Until we are filled or exquisitely shielded with the power of God we may be defeated by the power of Satan.  We cannot allow the suggestions of Satan to dethrone our knowledge of the power of God.  

John the Baptist was a great man of God and his assignment was to declare the coming of the Messiah. He was the Forerunner to Jesus Christ himself but while John was in prison John began to experience doubt. During this time of imprisonment the enemy slipped in and planted thoughts in John's mind.  John the Baptist started thinking maybe he had made a mistake.  Perhaps Jesus was not who he thought he was.  After all here John is in prison.

John the Baptist sent 2 of his followers to question Jesus the Messiah as to who he was, if he was truly the Messiah or was he mistaken.   Jesus responded in Matthew Chapter 11 versus 4-5 Jesus answered and said go tell John the things which you here and see:  the blind see;  and the lame walk;  the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear;  the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them.  

Satan merely made a suggestion and inserted it a negative thought pattern into John's mind and John received it.   He began to doubt all that had transpired which is why he sent two of his disciples to question Jesus.   As Christians or as Believers we must be fully persuaded in the things of Christ Jesus.   We must not be moved by our situations or our circumstances whether things are in our control or not.   We must truly walk not by sight but by faith not wavering at our surroundings.

The Lord has truly given us power and authority over the suggestions, thought patterns, and abilities of our adversary. Until we truly rise up and move in this truth then we will succumb to the deceptive patterns of the enemy.   Satan uses the same strategy on Eve when he told her has God truly said you would die; back in Genesis.  The enemy uses the same tactics over and over it is our responsibility, it is our job, and it is our duty to recognize his handiwork.

The funny thing is he uses the same things over and over merely making suggestions that cause us to doubt. He plants negative seeds by way of suggestive thoughts or people around you who have no knowledge of Christ’s true power.  They have no true revelation of who they are in Christ so they continually say negative words.


I declare and decree no longer will we fall to the deceptive patterns of the enemy. I pray over our minds that we have the mind of Christ and that we have the ability to see God's handiwork in the earth in/and over our lives.  Lord God I pray that we have the ability to see the enemy’s deceptive plan and patterns. Lord I pray we are able to discern when the enemy has planted people in our lives to speak doubt and unbelief around us.  I pray that we not come into agreement with anything contrary to the word of God.

Father God we repent right now in the name of Jesus for every thought, word and seed planet of doubt or unbelief within our hearts we are now in sync with our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.   In the name of Jesus create a new heart and renew a right Spirit within us Lord.  I pray that the word of God and that the spirit of Wisdom, Revelation and Knowledge be our portion in Jesus's name Amen.

Yours in Christ…Carla Mormon…it’s urbirthright…


Edited: 2/8/2018