Peace and Undisturbed Composure

God has given us many promises in the bible.  This is one that has been highlighted for me over and over again especially last week and this week too.  In prayer this morning the verse in Isaiah 54:13 (KJV) I shall be taught by the Lord and my peace and undisturbed composure shall be great hit my spirit again.  How powerful is that verse!

I woke up one morning last week with that scripture in my spirit. At 1st I did not give it much thought. I declared and decreed the verse over my life but as my morning progressed I realized that the Lord was preparing me for my day and all that I would encounter.  The Lord wanted me to remain at peace no matter what life presented.  That simple prayer brought peace to every area of my life and for that I am grateful.

 So this morning on the prayer call for our children, this scripture came up again.  This time I purposely pressed into the word and meditated on it and my peace was great and my composure was undisturbed.  I shared with the parents on ARISE: Praying Parents the importance of this verse and how to apply it in their lives as well as their children lives.

In some of the biblical translations the verse states that your peace will be enjoyable and prosperous.  Other translations stated that your peace would be abundant, multiplied and unlimited.  WOW! Abundant…..Multiplied….and Unlimited peace.  That means that no matter what you face in life the Lord Jesus Christ has you covered.  We are to remain un-bothered and undisturbed by any distraction that the enemy throws our way.  For the Lord will give us peace and prosperity for our whole well-being. 

We need to trust that promise and we need to take it as our own.  Then we are to teach it to our children so that in situations that they encounter they have full knowledge that the Lord has them and they too can remain at peace and undisturbed.


Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for your many promises.  I especially thank you for Isaiah 54:13 I receive your great abundance of peace that is multiplied in my life. I access the unlimited supply of your peace and my composure is undisturbed and my way is prosperous in Jesus name Amen.


Yours in Christ,

Dr. Carla Mormon