Creators Create

Creators Create

May Prophetic Release

 God is a creator and He created us in His image and in His likeness.  We are His Handiwork and His Workmanship.  We are His creation therefore we are creators.  

We are in an accelerated season of CREATION CREATING.  We must get clear instructions about our purpose and destiny and begin Creating.  The atmosphere is ripe for our creations to manifest.  Your creative minds have been moving at exponential speeds lately and you hardly have time to write down what Holy Spirit is revealing to you. 

Do not delay any longer write the vision, write the invention, write the plan, write the idea down.  In the same manner as you write you are creating.  Creating the vision, Creating the invention, Creating the plan, Creating the idea and now you can read it and run with it.

NOW is the time to create and release what the Lord has given you.  We are Creators and therefore we create rise up sons of God and Create. 


Father I thank you for creating me in your image and in your likeness.  I rise up and take my rightful position in the kingdom and begin to create as you have purposed in me.  For I am your workmanship and I am created unto good works in Christ Jesus as you have ordained before the foundations of the world in Jesus name I pray. Amen

 Yours in Christ,

Dr. Carla Mormon