Sound of the TRUMPET

Sound of the TRUMPET

The enemy has unleashed a barrage of demonic pressure in the atmosphere desiring to drive the people of God mad, desperate, or even death. BUT GOD. The LORD has place an even HEAVIER WEIGHT of HIS GLORY on the atmosphere and in the atmosphere.  This Godly pressure is creating the manifestations that we are witnessing.  All those that have hidden under the radar are being Exposed by the Light of the LORD (GLORY). 

The enemy can no longer remain hidden and covert spewing his hate, disgust, and death in the Earth Realm.  The Glory is revealing his hatred and disturbing plans and the Watchman on the Wall are Blowing their Trumpets.  We are warning the People of GOD of the enemy’s plan.   Take heed Children of God fortify yourselves with the Word of God and lay hold to your inheritance of the Authority and Power that Christ Jesus gave to you to possess. 

You are much more Powerful that You can Imagine.  The enemy is a defeated foe and you are VICTORIOUS. Children of God you were given the Mind of Christ Jesus; I pray that you are tapping into this inheritance.

When You have the Mind of Christ you will not be deceived and or led astray.  Having the Mind of Christ allows you to not succumb to the demonic chatter. This demonic chatter will have you contemplating suicide, walking in fear, or even feeling hopeless.  When You have the Mind of Christ, You are able to combat and recognize the devices of the enemy.  When YOU are walking in Your God given Authority and Power the enemy cannot compete. (NO Match) Greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world.

As a WATCHMAN I will continue to be on the WALL Blowing the Trumpet warning the people of GOD of the plans of the enemy and declaring the Deliverance of the LORD JESUS CHRISTWATCHMAN ARISE


Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for Your Word that fortifies us in our minds and our bodies.  Lord we stand on Your promises of Love, Power, and a Sound Mind. We take our Authority and Power through Christ Jesus and apply pressure to the circumstances that arise in our lives that are contrary to the Word of God.  Lord I thank you for delivering us out of the snares, traps, and lies of the enemy. Your Word is a Light and Lamp unto our feet and it guides us on the correct path in Jesus name AMEN.    


Yours in Christ

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Dr. Carla Mormon